Lipopolysaccharides (LPS)

Lipopolysaccharides (LPS) are the major cell wall component in all Gram-negative bacteria. LPS consists of two regions: polysaccharide and lipid A. Lipid A contains the endotoxic component which varies greatly from species to species. For example, the lipid A from E.coli is highly potent at activating cytokines and adhesion molecules while lipid A from P. gingivalis is not (see figure below).

Astarte Biologics offers a line of ultra purified and highly characterized LPS from various species of gram negative bacteria.

Our LPS offers many advantages over competitors:

  • Highly purified - Multiple purification process to remove protein and nucleic acid contamination
  • Known Structure - LPS is highly characterized by Mass Spec(MS) and GC/MS
  • Known Bioactivity - Tested for activation of E-Selectin, IL-8 and TNF

Catalog Number Product Name Size Price In Stock
7020 P. aeruginosa 100 µg $105.00 100
7010 P. gingivalis - 1435/1449 100 µg $105.00 65
7000 P. gingivalis - 1690 100 µg $105.00 14


Publications using LPS from Astarte Biologics

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